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And you thought you were religious julio 31, 2004

Posted by Johan in Religion.

I totally understand that this world can be pretty tough. Lots of big guys pushing everyone around. Lots of death and disease. Lots of heart-break, and disappointment of all kinds. So people do what they can to get by. Religion is better than drugs, anyway.

There’s still something about all religions that I can’t stand. If you’re an active member of any major religion, the first thing you’ll learn while you’re still a kid is basically this: “We are the true chosen people, our God is better than their God, and if they fuck with us, our God is going to kick their asses.” Pure, shameless propaganda. And if you are a kid, you’ll believe it

I read the Bible every now and then and I don’t like the old testament one bit. God’s a real crank. Not the kind of guy you’d want to watch the game with, let alone spend eternity. He’s temperamental, arrogant, violent, pushy—I guess he really did make man in his own image. The new testament God isn’t exactly a bucket of candy either, but I’d rather be on his cloud. More compassion. Better advice.

But whereas some religions are big secrets, elitist clubs, with mystical languages, and near impossible initiation rituals, Christianity may look like a walk in the park. Actually, it’s way beyond that. There’s not a carnival tent large enough to accommodate the level of hypocrisy that emanates from some Christians. Especially those who start talking about forgiveness and charity, and hanging fancy words with fancy frames in the wall, when they are waiting for you to turn around to stab a knife in your back

Besides that, I really don’t think you have to give money to that TV evangelist if you want to go to heaven, in their own book it says that rich people won’t get there, anyway. They even made videos for us, with smiling, white, middle-aged men saying, “So you’re probably wondering why all your friends and family are no longer among us…”

The good things about religion have little to do with a belief in God. Things like community, doing good things for other and the search for meaning in life. People do need religion. I need religion too, but there aren’t any that are practical for me. I’ll probably start my own when I get around to it.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.



1. Anonymous - agosto 4, 2004

I agree with you on most of the things you say. But I think God has very little to do with religion. People do need God much more than they need religion.


2. Anonymous - agosto 30, 2004

Leogales…. estoy contigo!… tambien estoy deacuerdo con mucho de lo que dice la lectura pero usted mi amigo… dio donde era!


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