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Things I love agosto 1, 2004

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spaghetti a la carbonara, my mom, unexpectedly finding old photographs, Metallica, hip hop, cotton shirts, chocolate, sex with someone i really like, water polo, Seinfeld re runs, “Jonathan Livingston Seagul“, “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” and “The Bridge Across Forever ” by Richard Bach, red puff couches, when making love to my long lost lover years ago, do nothing at the beach, silk but the real silk, realizing I have been wrong about something all along, being loved, loving back, sweet corn, Mitch Hedberg, Eminem‘s Show CD, girls with smart mouths, deep massages, staying home, getting dressed, sleeping in, coming home, realizing that I have survived my childhood and am almost a middle aged man, talking to my friends who live abroad, almost all appetizers, french accent, chinese dragons, photographs of large crowds naked, my dog and cat, laughing so hard that I collapse on the ground, scandalous news about certain celebrities, dancing, other people’s old photographs, documentaries, Tupac, B.I.G., my friends who know who they are, late night talks with near strangers, Old Navy clothes, summers in Werne, ghosts, screening calls, mustard, her voice, some poems, Amsterdam, singing when nobody listens, luxurious hotels, listening to the right CD at the right time when driving, the kind of mushrooms you can eat, Bob Marley, politically incorrect stand up comedy, Ikea, friends I once had who are no longer my friends yet I will never stop loving them, comic’s compilation videos of television oddities, Calvin&Hobbes, wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom of our house in Werne, Einstein’s quotes, girls with long hair cut regularly so there are no split ends, Calvin Klein clothing, high speed internet connections, steel metal suitcases, schnitzelbrutchen sandwiches, Anna Kournikova, hospital horror stories, digital cameras with powerful zooms, dislexics, room temperature fruit, trains, rissotto, freedom, my head on her lap while watching movies, learning new things, going days without shaving and not caring, Vanilla Coke, uniforms, music in various languages, dreams, Capri Sonne drinks specially the one with the Dragon on it, browsing for weird items in Ebay, minimalistic architecture, air conditioning, money.